Automatic Posting Available For OrderWise Accounts

AccountsWhether handled by an internal finance team or an external accountant, for any business posting invoices is a crucial part of the daily accounting routine. For many this will mean transferring information across through Excel spreadsheets, for others it will be gathering and sending data over to their accountant, both of which can be very time-consuming. However this process is being managed, businesses are constantly looking for a faster and more reliable way of passing their invoices over to their Accounts systems so they can achieve effective control of their book-keeping and up-to-the-minute analysis of company cash flow.

With OrderWise, businesses are already provided with a streamlined method of generating invoices and posting these over to either the OrderWise Accounts module, Sage or QuickBooks. With just a single-click, users are able to send batches of customer and supplier invoices over to their chosen Accounts system, removing the need to manually export this information and ensuring this necessary task is handled as efficiently as possible. You can read more about OrderWise Accounts and Invoicing management HERE.

Accounts manMassively Streamline Your Posting Routine With OrderWise

However now with version 11.6 of OrderWise, new functionality has been introduced that enables OrderWise Accounts to benefit from even greater efficiency within their posting process. Facilitated through completely seamless integration only available with an all-in-one solution like OrderWise, users of our Accounts Module are now able to completely automate their posting routine.

To achieve this, OrderWise Accounts users now have a new scheduled service task type available to them called Post To Accounts, which can be set up to periodically run the posting routine on a timer. There are several options available to this task that allow users to choose whether all records are posted or only selected record types. These options include Invoices/Credits, Sales Payments, Batch Supplier Invoices, Batch Customer Invoices and Supplier Invoices/Credits, however users have full control over the availability of these different options.

Thanks to this fantastic new functionality, OrderWise Accounts users are now able to not only reap the benefits of an all-in-one solution for managing all their commercial and financial operations, but also put in place a fully automated posting routine too. By being able to automatically post invoices, credits and payments over to OrderWise Accounts, businesses can ensure their daily posting routine is conducted both seamlessly and accurately.

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