Automated Contact List Refresh With OrderWise Marketing

MarketingMarketing is an essential part of everyday operations for any business. This crucial process of researching, promoting and selling products or services through marketing campaigns to a target audience holds the key to attracting consumers and raising brand awareness. When timing of an apt marketing campaign could be the key to closing a new sale, it is vital that new contacts are regularly brought into existing campaigns. Whilst this practise is possible to be maintained at small volumes manually, improved technology becomes essential with any increase in scale.

Without streamlined proMarketing 350pxcesses and effective contact list management in place within the day-to-day marketing routine, businesses will waste precious time and money on drawn out practises trying to capture all contacts into the correct campaigns. Staff productivity is not fully maximised and human error can risk vital sales opportunities being overlooked and contacts being missed, further reducing the potential profitability of targeted marketing campaigns.

Streamline Operations & Target The Right Audience

The OrderWise Marketing Module already provides users with the ability to run marketing campaigns quickly and simply through the main OrderWise system, enabling businesses to reduce the time spent shifting data and focus it on converting the results of their marketing into profitable sales. By using the OrderWise Marketing module, businesses can successfully enhance brand recognition with faster, simpler management and help businesses transform one-time buyers into long-term, profitable customer relationships. Read more about the OrderWise Marketing Module.

Now, OrderWise Version 12.9 provides further enhancements to this comprehensive module with a new utility created to automatically refresh the contact list in Marketing Campaigns. This means, as new customers arrive into the database, they will automatically be included into the distribution of a specific campaign without having to go through and check who hasn’t been included each week. What’s more, existing contacts tend to be regularly updated with new criteria or information and, with this new feature, when this updated information makes them eligible for the parameters of an existing campaign they are automatically included.

marketing 2 350pxMaximise Opportunities With Accurate Customer List Management

The scope of this new automation goes way beyond simply automating the marketing department’s repetitive tasks. With this new functionality in place, companies can effortlessly nurture their new leads and customers through automated campaigns week in, week out, all without the need to manually include any contacts to the existing campaigns. Eliminating the risk of a hot lead slipping through the pipeline of a relevant marketing campaign, businesses can maximise potential outcome of their marketing module by creating more sales opportunities and positive connections off the back of the campaigns.

Furthermore, this month’s release sees new functionality that provides users the ability to mass import marketing segment groups and marketing segments against contacts. With marketing segments being a valuable tool to drill down into creating accurate marketing campaigns, this new feature allows businesses to increase productivity by reducing time spent adding the information to each customer contact.

Thanks to the new automation of refreshing contacts within marketing campaigns as well as the added mass import of marketing segments, OrderWise Marketing Module will further benefit businesses by streamlining their lead generation, optimising their contact list management and improving their customer retention with related campaigns at the right time to the right contacts.

Find out more about the invaluable capabilities of the OrderWise Marketing module here, or contact our Client Account Management Team today on 01522 704083.