Auto apply Discount and Surcharge structures

10% DiscountDiscount structures are an established and widely used tool in the sales armoury with one of the most commonly deployed being either a percentage or set value discount being applied based on the overall order value.  On the flip side for some companies order values can be directly linked to additional costs that need to be charged back to the customer.

Price list, discount and surcharge management

In addition to being able to manage multi price lists and pricing structures, OrderWise also provides the tools to create both multiple discount and surcharge structures using order value bandings.  These can then be applied during the creation of a sales order based and can be either a set value or a percentage of the order value.  Many companies prefer to retain control of when, how and to who this is applied, not wanting to give discount unless a customer requests it for example.  However for other companies they prefer the simplicity of ensuring any discount or surcharge structure is consistently applied or advertise discount and therefore need to ensure it is given at all times.

The right level of discount every time

In the 2013 v8.11 release there has been a further enhancement to the way discount and surcharges can be applied with the inclusion of a new “Auto calculate global discount” and “Auto calculate global surcharge” settings.  With these new settings enabled, discount and surcharge structures will be automatically applied to a sales order without the need for user intervention.  Companies also have the flexibility of ensuring discounts are always applied while still retaining manual application of surcharges or vice versa.  Should there be exceptions to a discount or surcharge being applied users are still able to override this from within the sales order, it is also worth noting that these new settings will not affect orders imported from eCommerce or EPOS orders.

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