Greater Options In Attributing Sales From Multiple Branches

Sales thumbAlthough weekly, monthly and yearly sales targets are a key part of most trading environments, for businesses operating multiple different branches attributing sales to the correct branch can be managed and used in a multitude of different ways.  The complexity can often start to arise when sales are made in one branch to a customer whose account is managed at another.  Some companies will want the sale to be attributed to the account holding branch while others will attribute these sale values to the branch taking the sale.  When branch targets, commissions and bonus payments are often at stake, attributing this incorrectly can cause all manner of internal disputes and as these are also often used as a key motivator of inter branch competition, having confidence in these figure helps drive sales performance.

Therefore in order to avoid orders being wrongly allocated, internal disagreements between staff occurring managers or supervisors time being taken up as a result, it is important that each multi-branch company has their own procedures in place for controlling how these situations are managed and are automatically assigned.

13379 - User NominalAutomated & Controlled Allocation Of Sales To The Correct Branch & Sales Rep

Within OrderWise, businesses already have a host of options available to ensure sales data is grouped and recorded effectively for accounting, budgetary, target and commission requirements.  The latest enhancement see even further flexibility added to the way settings against a user can override customer and product defaults.  Version 10.5 of OrderWise sees the addition of a Nominal code user default setting in addition to the existing Department code and Cost Centre user defaults.  Should for example a company wish to ensure sales are attributed to the branch an order is placed at rather than the branch controlling the account, the user default Nominal code can be set to that of the branch they work in, therefor overriding any Nominal code settings against the customer or even product.

Thanks to this simple but useful new addition, OrderWise now provides further flexibility to meet user requirements. Now businesses with multiple branches have a variety of ways in which they can accurately account for sales both from a financial and company accounts perspective. Additionally businesses can effectively manage branch targets and commissions, ensuring that wrongly allocated sales are kept to an absolute minimum.

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