At A Glance Insight Into Customer Spending

OrderWise Sales ModuleHaving easy access to figures that reflect customer spending activity and profitability over a set period of time is pretty much a necessity for most businesses. Many companies will use these vital statistics in order to identify inactive customers, customers spending less than they did previously and customers receiving too much discount. From this information, businesses can then highlight customers to target for promotions so that turnover and profit margins can be increased.

However in order to gain access to this valuable information businesses can often be required to run reports which, if the data is needed regularly, can be deemed time consuming as the static nature of reports results can be out of date quickly. With net value and profit margin figures providing businesses with essential performance data from which sales strategies will be built and customer sales targets set, many companies will want to ensure that this information is easily accessible and able to view at a glance.

9513 - Custom Fields for Customer list gridView Key Financials In The Customer List Grid

The visibility of key financial information within a grid format has already been greatly extended within OrderWise this month with the introduction of our fantastic new Business Intelligence module. However also added in version 9.11 of OrderWise is a number of new custom fields that can be pulled through on to the customer list grid. There are 12 new fields in total, with each one displaying order net and margin values in the base currency for completed orders over the last 30, 60, 90, 180, 365 days and fiscal year respectively.

For existing users who wish to view this information as a report for easy analysis, the Invoice Margin by Customer Report is just one of the 130+ standard reports available to all customers within the OrderWise Reporting Module.

With the addition of these new custom fields, OrderWise users are provided with a greater insight into consumer spending from within the customer list screen, allowing businesses to easily see which customers should be targeted to help increase sale values, profitability and overall performance.

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