At-A-Glance Business Profitability & Cash Flow With Invoice History Totals

Invoicing thumbEasy access to overall profitability is an essential for any business, with managers, supervisors and financial controllers required to keep track of company performance, analyse this information and use this data to determine performance, cash flow, sales strategies and targets.  Although looking at sales figures will give companies an idea of how the business is performing, for greater accuracy companies will often turn to invoice and credit totals, as these statistics provide a clearer indication of final sales values, profitability and expected cash flow..

However in order to gain access to this information, businesses can often be required to gather data from multiple sources, run reports or even manually calculate the difference between invoice and credit totals. With invoice and credit totals providing businesses with such a key insight, many companies will want to ensure that this information is easily accessible and able to view at a glance.

11462 - Invoice TotalsNew Feature Provides An Accurate Summary Of Invoice Totals & Margin

Existing functionality within OrderWise already provides users with the ability to view value of sales orders, credits and orders less credits. Now great new functionality has been added to OrderWise in version 9.12, enabling users to view invoice totals within a new pane that is available to display in the invoice history grid. This is a user group activated feature due to the potentially sensitive nature of the information displayed. When turned on this new pane can be pinned or hidden, displaying invoice and credit totals along with the value of invoices less credits for the date range and filters applied. The figures displayed are based on the invoices and credits shown in the grid.

With this enhancement to the Invoicing module, users can benefit from further visibility of information within grids throughout OrderWise. With this latest addition, users are now able to easily view an accurate summary of invoice profitability totals at a glance.

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