Assign Multiple Works Order Picks With One-Click

Manufacturing thumbFor companies that manufacture their own products, finding the most efficient and effective way to navigate through the various processes to a completed build can be quite a challenge. Each manufactured item will often pose their own considerations based on the size of the build, the amount of stock required and the number of sub-assemblies needed for completion.  Some companies can have in depth and expansive bills of materials spanning tens if not hundreds of different components and sub-assemblies, each one requiring stock allocating and picking.

11801 - Multi Select WO PickAchieve Greater Efficiency With New Works Orders Picks Feature

To help OrderWise Manufacturing users to effectively manage the allocation of component stock and make the process more efficient, a new feature has been added to version 9.12 of OrderWise. When creating a works order pick, there is now options to allow users to pick selected and pick all lines. These two new buttons provide users with the ability to multi-select as required in order to allocate and pick all required lines in one pass rather than individually, a huge time saver for those companies with extensive B.O.M. in their builds.

With the addition of this new functionality, businesses using OrderWise Manufacturing are provided with a much faster and more streamlined method of processing line allocation and picks for large work orders.

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