Assess year end performance and plan with confidence

Business ResultsAs the end of another financial year approaches there will no doubt be similar situations being played out in businesses up and down the country.  Final figures will be counted, targets reviewed and budgets analysed.  Although most companies will have been keeping a close eye on operations month by month, a year end will usually result in a more focussed assessment of overall company performance.  Directors, managers and owners take the opportunity to ensure the business is moving in the right direction, see what has brought success and equally where improvements or changes need to be made.  Plans, targets, budgets and objectives for the coming year are laid out, discussed, debated and decided on, it is this structured planning and analysis that helps drive businesses forward.

Effective assessment and review

growth-chart-4-207x136One of the most important requirements when reviewing, assessing and making all of these key decisions is accurate, relevant and insightful data.  The higher the quality of the data used and the easier it is to interpret, the more informed, meaningful and positive the decisions that are made from it can be.

Companies using manual processes and unconnected systems can find collating information becomes a time consuming activity.  This data will often be unable to provide the level of detail required to make decisions with confidence, consistency can be limited and accuracy compromised.  The time required to effectively compile and evaluate information gathered in this way can often lead to delays in the ability to make key decisions or result in statistics that do not reflect current business activity.

A powerful tool for business success

Invoicing KPIs Full Screen ModeOrderWise provides companies with instant access to the business information needed to make effective decisions, spot trends, improve efficiencies, increase margins, reduce wastage and much more.  Powerful manipulation, filtering and querying of on screen data allows users to quickly define specific data requirements for instant evaluation or simple export to excel, allowing for even greater analysis to be completed.  Over 120 standard reports are available covering all areas of commercial business operations, providing invaluable insight into performance across the company.  Scheduled reporting functionality ensures required reports can be created and emailed to relevant staff at a time and interval to suit automatically.  The Reporting Module also includes a comprehensive Reports Wizard to enable existing reports to be amended or new reports created while our in house Reports & Layouts Department are on hand to assist with any specific requirements.

The OrderWise KPI Dashboard module provides a visual representation of key data through the use of over 445 indicator charts for at a glance interpretation and business intelligence.  The data these charts display is constantly refreshed and can be configured to provide tailored performance statistics throughout the business for a more proactive approach to ensure positive outcomes.

A complete business solution

Decisions with ConfidenceThe power of OrderWise however is not just in its ability to improve business decision making and enable insightful performance analysis.  OrderWise also provides the tools to ensure identified requirements can be implemented and business strategy is delivered successfully both now and as the company grows.  With comprehensive and user friendly core features and functionality combined with additional modules that can be easily deployed as benefits are identified, OrderWise provides a fully scalable solution capable of delivering value, efficiency and growth across a range of industries.

For more information on OrderWise Reporting & KPI Dashboards along with how OrderWise can ensure an efficient, effective and productive commercial operation is achieved, watch our videos and download the brochures.

To discuss you requirements in more detail contact us today on 01522 704083.

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