Are You Meeting Your Customer’s Shelf Life Requirements?

Despatch thumbWhen dealing with expiry dated products, often a key course of action is to place controls at the point of goods receipt, allowing staff to easily highlight products received that fall short of required shelf life and only accept stock where the shelf life is reasonable. By putting these strict measures in place, businesses provide themselves with ample opportunity to sell these goods at a price that enables maximum profitability to be achieved and provides high quality products to customers.

Taking into account these minimum shelf life requirements many businesses will have, suppliers need to check when despatching goods to customers they are sending stock with an adequate shelf life and that delivery times are also taken into consideration. This ensures that when the order arrives with the customer, the shelf life on the goods will be substantial enough for them to accept, keeping returns to a minimum and customers satisfied with the products and services they receive.

Last month, OrderWise introduced a new feature to provide users with enhanced control over incoming products carrying an expiry date by setting a minimum accepted shelf life which would display a warning when booking in stock outside of this minimum.

10777 - Despatch expiry warningMeet Customer Requirements By Displaying A Short Expiry Date Warning In Despatch

Following this, new functionality has now been added to OrderWise in version 9.12 to manage the flip side of this and set the minimum shelf life that a customer will accept on the goods that they purchase. This ensures that a warning message will appear to inform the warehouse staff that the goods they are about to pick and despatch will have too short a life for the customer to accept. Only staff with the appropriate security will have the authority to over ride this and proceed with the despatch.

This new feature allows businesses using OrderWise to further cater to customer requirements and keep tight control over the quality of the products they are shipping, ensuring high customer service and satisfaction levels are consistently achieved.

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