Never Miss An Appointment With OrderWise CRM & Microsoft Calendar Integration

CRMFor any business where sales teams will be regularly making appointments with clients, attending internal meetings or scheduling conferences with potential buyers, maintaining visibility of each member of staff’s available dates in order to avoid double-bookings is a top priority. With this being the case, many companies will often turn to CRM systems in order to allow staff to effectively manage their diary and have calendar information accurately shared within the business. However with staff predominantly communicating both internally and with clients via email, it is likely that staff will firstly update their Microsoft Outlook Calendar before manually transferring this information into their CRM system at a later time.

Working in this way can cause numerous problems within the business as firstly it means that staff are spending the time updating two different calendars instead of just one. This can cause further problems as staff manually transferring details across means that dates or times can end up being recorded incorrectly. If these mistakes aren’t picked up, staff can end up missing key meetings and letting down important customers. Therefore in order to be able to control staff diaries successfully, businesses need to ensure that if they are using both their CRM and Outlook calendar to manage staff time that they have a streamlined method of allowing information to be seamlessly passed back and forth between the two programs.

Calendar1Keep Your Task Diary Accurately Updated & Effectively Managed With OrderWise CRM

With OrderWise Outlook Add-In, businesses already have the ability to automatically email details over to OrderWise CRM. The content from the email can then be populated within CRM opportunities and follow up tasks can be scheduled accordingly to manage the progression of the enquiry through the sales pipeline. However now in version 11.6 of OrderWise, a brand new licensed feature has been added that offers seamless integration between OrderWise CRM and the Microsoft Exchange Calendar.

Once a user has this functionality activated on their licence and has set up their Microsoft Exchange access settings, a schedule service task can be created to allow automatic Calendar Synchronisation between OrderWise CRM and Microsoft Exchange Online. When this is run, all CRM diary tasks that fall within the user specified number of days to look back over will be exported to the Microsoft Exchange calendar, which is used in Outlook and other Microsoft programs. Additionally this service task will also ensure that any public Microsoft Exchange appointments are also imported into the task diary in OrderWise CRM. Finally the synchronisation will also handle the removal of any diary tasks that have previously been pushed to the Exchange but have since been deleted within OrderWise CRM, ensuring that both diaries completely marry up with one another.

With this great new addition to OrderWise, businesses heavily using OrderWise CRM to gain structured management over staff time can now eliminate the risk of double-booking by ensuring calendars are always kept fully synchronised. By allowing staff diaries to be automatically updated, OrderWise CRM users can benefit from accurate and efficient handling of their crucial arrangements.

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