Another Way To Manage Despatch With New Order Lines Requiring Picking Screen

DespatchFor many companies, effective warehouse management is at the very heart of their business operations. Orders need to be quickly fulfilled and stock levels need to be accurately maintained so that sales can be capitalised, high service levels achieved and increased revenue generated. Businesses are therefore constantly striving to improve the efficiency of warehouse tasks and overall productivity of staff in order for this to be achieved.

Depending on the type of products being sold, the size of the stock location, the volume of orders and the number of lines contained on those orders, each business will have devised a method which is the best way for them to pick stock ready for order fulfilment. Some businesses will simply assign staff to collect stock for one order at a time, others will send staff with trollies to collect multiple orders in one go, and some may spilt orders in to multiple picks.

Any of these methods could be the best for one company and the least practical for another, and some businesses may require a combination of many different methods in order to optimise their efficiency. Therefore it is important for businesses to implement the processes that are best placed for them to maximise efficiency and ensure a swift order turnaround.

Fast hht working 350pxImproving Accuracy, Speed And Productivity

OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices integrate seamlessly with the OrderWise Despatch Module and help to increase picking speed and accuracy. Removing the need for paper picking notes, users have picks sent straight to their mobile device and are directed around the warehouse using the most efficient walk routes. Details of completed picks are then sent back wirelessly to the main system, allowing information to be seamlessly transferred between warehouse managers/supervisors and their picking staff.

Whilst already catering for a variety of picking methods, this month’s OrderWise release sees another method of structuring pick processes added to our already comprehensive range of features, providing businesses with even more flexibility. New functionality has been added to the OrderWise Despatch Module which enables picks to be assigned based on order lines, so that a user can easily assign multiple lines from multiple orders to the same pick, allowing similar items to be grouped together. Depending on the products being handled and the processes in place, such an approach can dramatically speed up pick assignment and increase despatch productivity.

Combining this new method of structuring the pick assignment process with our wide range of existing pick, pack and ship methods, including assigning picks by order, enables OrderWise Despatch to be tailored to the needs of individual businesses. By having this range of options available, OrderWise Despatch users continue to be provided with real flexibility when determining the best method of working.

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