Reduce Costs By Amalgamating Orders At Shipping


DespatchFor any business, streamlining despatch processes and reducing delivery costs are key elements to remaining competitive and profitable. However with more and more consumers turning to online web stores and marketplaces to make their purchases, situations where one customer places several separate orders before any have been despatched is becoming more commonplace. Without an intelligent system in place for recognising when this is the case, businesses can find themselves making multiple despatches to the same delivery address.

By not having the knowledge or ability to amalgamate these orders together before shipping, companies can quickly find additional costs being incurred due to extra delivery costs and customer promised dates being missed due to unnecessarily slower despatch rates. With this then affecting customer service levels, businesses generating these extra overheads can quickly find themselves subject to impacts on their bottom line profitability.

Amalgamating OrdersEnhanced Operations With Mobile Warehouse Management Features

OrderWise already provides users with features to streamline and enhance picking, packing and shipping processes. OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices integrate seamlessly with the OrderWise Despatch module to help dramatically increase picking speed and accuracy. Removing the need for paper picking notes, users have picks sent straight to their mobile device and are directed around the warehouse using the most efficient walk routes, following the simple on screen prompts and scanning relevant barcodes to complete their picks. Details of completed picks are then sent back wirelessly to the main system, allowing information to be seamlessly transferred between warehouse managers/supervisors and their picking staff. You can read more about on OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices HERE.

Now in the latest OrderWise 12.7 release, new functionality has been added that further enhances the despatch process where a single customer places multiple orders, meaning that productivity is increased and less is spent on shipping costs. This is done by allowing orders going to the same delivery address to be merged at the packing stage. This excellent new feature works in two ways:

pack scan amalgamatingFor a standard pick: At the pack scan stage with the merge orders on a pick by delivery address setting activated, will prompt the user to scan all totes which are for the same customer, delivery name, address and postcode. Once all the totes have been scanned, any packs/despatches will include all items for all orders matching the address criteria.

For a trolley pick: At the pack scan stage, the user will still be required to scan all the totes used on the trolley pick. However when an item is scanned, a grid will show lines from different orders if they match the address criteria so these can be packed into the same shipment.

Thanks to the introduction of this new functionality, the level of despatch efficiency businesses are able to achieve through using OrderWise has been further increased. By allowing packers to include items from multiple orders into one delivery address despatch, users can reap the benefits of both time and cost savings.

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