Greater Control Of Stock Allocations With New Allocate By Quantity Feature

AllocationthumbSituations can arise where demand for an item is much greater than the held stock levels due to exceptionally high demand, damage and supplier delays etc. In these instances it is essential for businesses to ensure that the allocation of stock is well organised and handled in a practical manner.  Many businesses will chose to allocate stock at point of despatch, that way stock is always used for those with the earliest required date while some will allocate at point of order, effectively working on a first come first served basis. However when stock levels are not sufficient to meet all orders then manual management of stock allocation can often be required to try and keep all customers satisfied.

A number of factors may then need to be taken into consideration to try and keep all customers as happy as possible until more stock arrives.  High value customers or newly acquired customers may be prioritised with remaining stock spread over several others so that even if they do not receive the full quantity they ordered, they can at least have enough to keep them going.  In order to manage these requirement effectively business need systems that allow flexible and accurate control of stock allocations.

12431 - Allocate by Qty AllocationMass Allocate Stock To Multiple Orders And Keep Your Customers Happy

With the OrderWise Allocation Module, users have the ability to easily manage the allocation and de-allocation of stock either by variant or by order with further allocation ability available within the sales order itself. Now this Allocation functionality has been further extended with the option added in version 10.3 of OrderWise to allocate stock to sales order lines en-masse by quantity.

This new form can be opened after one or more sales order lines are selected in the allocate by variant grid within the Allocation module. Once this form is opened the total quantity of stock that is to be allocated can then be entered in the quantity to allocate field. Then the quantity to be allocated to each line is simply added against the lines themselves in the quantity field.

With this new functionality, OrderWise users can now benefit from being able to carefully allocate stock to multiple sales order lines from one screen, allowing valuable time to be saved while also ensuring that stock allocations are distributed to customers as required.

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