Two New Additions To OrderWise Commerce

websiteSince the start of the year, the OrderWise Commerce platform has been continually developed with an ever growing range of features and functionality that have been introduced to deliver a fantastic customer shopping experience that meets business objectives and simplifies back-end management. The new features added so far in 2016 include a purchase order management system, a tool to manage click & collect, free shipping notifications, favourite lists, buy lists and much more. You can read about all the new additions in this month’s mid-year review blog HERE.

Now in version 11.6 of OrderWise, two more highly useful new features have been added to the OrderWise Commerce Platform that help businesses to further maximise sales through their online web shop.

size guideProduct Size Buying Guide

Selling items that come in a variety of different sizes online is incredibly common, particularly for any business in the apparel industry. However what isn’t always common is the specific measurements relating to the different size breaks for small, medium, large, etc. Therefore a lot of online retailers will often include on their web shop listings a size guide so that customers are able to ensure that they purchase the correct item for their measurements. This not only helps businesses to keep down the volumes and costs associated with their online returns but also offers a better shopping experience for their customers too.

With OrderWise Commerce websites, users already have the functionality to be able to easily manage products that come in different size/colour variations, with the ability to also have these different options available to customers on each web shop listing to help maximise sales. However now a great new feature has been added that enables businesses to attach product specific buying guides and have these available to customers on their web shop listings. This is done by simply setting up the source file within the main OrderWise system so that the product details page then links through to this saved buying guide.

This offers businesses a smart alternative to the pre-existing ability to be able to attach specifications to products in the form of a PDF, instead allowing users to link customers through to a standalone page that can essentially display anything, including video content. By using this new functionality, OrderWise Commerce users can help to ensure returns from customers buying the wrong sized items are kept to a minimum, maintaining high profitability as a result.

AlternativessignpostSynchronise Alternative Items

Should a business not have the exact item a customer is looking for in stock, sales staff will often offer alternatives that are similar to what the customer requires or possibly the same item but from a different brand. By providing sales staff with this knowledge of available alternatives, businesses can ensure that sales opportunities are fully capitalised on and customers are left satisfied having been able to find the items they are looking for in order to fulfil their requirements.

Within OrderWise, users already have the ability to list alternative products against their items and make the details of these, including current stock levels, available to staff at sales order entry. Now new functionality has been added that allows this information regarding alternative items stored within OrderWise to now be automatically synchronised with their corresponding web shop listings. Once set up to synchronise, these alternative items will be displayed on each product line with how users have these configured in the main OrderWise system.

Thanks to these two useful new additions, OrderWise Commerce users are provided with further functionality to help them increase their online sales and deliver the first-class shopping experience their customers expect. By seamlessly synchronising alternative items to win sales that may have otherwise been lost and offering a product buying guide to reduce the volume of returns, businesses using OrderWise Commerce can ensure that their online sales profitability is always fully maximised.

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