More New Additions To Business Intelligence

Business IntelligencethumbProviding companies with the tools to unlock the full potential of each sale through a full, detailed history of each customer’s spending habits, the OrderWise Business Intelligence Module is an invaluable source of information that promotes better business performance. Allowing up to the minute customer data to be viewed, segmented, filtered and drilled down into from a variety of entry points, companies can use OrderWise Business Intelligence to obtain the kind of comprehensive analysis of their business that your standard reporting couldn’t provide.

Extending the functionality and vast wealth of information available within this highly beneficial module, version 10.6 of OrderWise sees several dynamic new customer charts and more drill down options added to Business Intelligence.

14794 - Product Trunover ChartCustomer Product and Variant Turnover

It is vital to the success of any business that the spending habits of customers are tracked so that future sales opportunities can be fully maximised. Too often businesses will lose out to their competitors through simply not recording what their customers have been buying in the past and failing to monitor trends where customers have stopped buying these items.

Luckily for OrderWise users, new customer turnover charts were added to Business Intelligence back in April that provided a clear, easy-to-interpret representation of their held data on customer spending. Extending this functionality, additional customer turnover charts are now available within the Product or Variant Customer Business Intelligence grids that allow these charts to be filtered to only show customer turnover based on sales of either a specific product or variant.

This highly useful new functionality provides businesses with further at-a-glance insight into exactly what their customers are purchasing, enabling certain accounts to be quickly identified and targeted for future marketing campaigns that will help to increase profitability.

14017 - Order line drill down 1New Drill Down Options On Six BI Grids

One of the key features of OrderWise Business Intelligence is the ability for users to be able to drill down into their business data from every possible angle in order to extract the information that they require and analyse it further so that areas where performance needs to improve can be identified. Now the latest release of OrderWise sees a number of Business Intelligence grids enhanced to include a number of new drill down options for even greater data understanding.

These new additions have been included on the Category, Product and Variant Customer grids. On the Sold grids, an Order Lines drill down button has been added and will display the order lines for the selected customer. Then on the Invoiced Grids, the drill down button will be for Invoice Lines instead, displaying all lines invoiced to the selected customer. Any filters placed on the customer grids will be passed through to the subsequent drill down forms.

Thanks to this new functionality, businesses using OrderWise Business Intelligence can now drill down into specific order and invoice lines to see it is indeed these individual lines that are causing sales value and profitability to fall below acceptable levels. Armed with this information, businesses can then set out action plans to improve these individual areas and subsequently benefit from better overall sales performance.

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