Add Purchase Order Shipping Costs From Within Sales Orders

OrderWise Sales ModuleMany businesses will choose to generate purchase orders on the back of sales order demand, sending the goods directly from their chosen supplier or receiving the goods into stock to then be forwarded on to the customer.  With the purchase and sales orders often being created at the same time as a result, it is important that the processes in place are as efficient as possible.

When creating both sales and purchase orders simultaneously, businesses want to avoid re-keying any information wherever possible, especially information that may be relevant to both orders. Businesses that frequently sell items requiring either a direct or back to back ordering process will often clarify purchase order information with their supplier prior to sale or have prices to refer to from the supplier.

Easily Transfer Vital Information With OrderWise

OrderWise already provides users with extensive functionality to manage direct and back to back orders, including the options to copy relevant information such as line comments from sales orders to purchase orders and automatically generating required purchase orders for direct or back to back order lines. With some suppliers however, purchase orders will also need to include shipping costs with a requirement to then ensure this is recorded against the correct shipping method.

While this can be easily added against the generated purchase order, this information is often known when the sales order is created. Therefore being able to record purchase order shipping costs at point of sale ensures no time is wasted, order management productivity is increased and accuracy enhanced.
10443 - SO Line Information Screen

Streamlined Direct And Back to Back Order Management

In version 9.7 of OrderWise, new functionality has now been added to give users the ability to add shipping costs to a purchase order from within a sales order. This has been achieved with the addition of two new fields on to the select supplier form under sales order line information. These two new fields allow users to record the shipping method and shipping cost for their chosen supplier.

If the order line is a direct or back to back, then this information will be applied to the relevant purchase order on sales order save. If the order line is not a back to back or a direct purchase order is not created on sales order save, then the shipping method and cost will be applied to a purchase order when one is created using the To Purchase Report. Shipping methods that are calculated as a percentage will not be available in the selected shipping method drop down.

With this new functionality, businesses can benefit from more efficient order management and streamlined processes by easily transferring shipping methods and costs from sales orders on to their relevant purchase orders.

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