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OrderWise Sales ModuleCustomer satisfaction is a cornerstone of any successful business, with contented customers driving more sales, greater revenue and overall growth. To keep consumers happy it is important for companies to keep a broad knowledge to help deliver excellent service and ensure customers return to purchase again.

However as people often have different requirements, it can sometimes be hard to stay on top of each customer’s needs. For example a customer may have certain approval processes that need to be adhered to, staff may need to be aware of set delivery requirements when handling orders or a client may have hearing difficulties that staff need to be made aware of.  If all staff are not made aware of these requirements it could lead to poor communication, potentially jeopardising the sale and leaving the customer feeling neglected.

Similarly, if a customer requests that their goods are always packaged in a certain way and packers aren’t notified, it could lead to dissatisfaction or even complaints from the customer. Situations like this means it is vital that companies keep their staff alerted to specific requirements so that they can maintain customer loyalty and uphold a reputation for excellent customer service.

New customer pop-up messages

Customer Messages Sales Order EntryIn the 2014 v9.4 release of OrderWise, a new feature allows for customer specific pop-up messages to be created via the more tab in the customer record. These messages are completely customisable so that staff can be notified about any information they need concerning that particular customer. They can then decide when this message appears by selecting whether to show the message in Sales, Despatch or Sales and Despatch. The options for determining this include show on order open, order save, none in sales, pack open, ship open or none in despatch. Users can also attach multiple messages to a customer record. This ensures any and all necessary information for that customer is at the disposal of staff members when it is required.

Such is the adaptability of these messages, being set to appear at different stages along the sales or despatch process, or even at the same time as other customer messages. When setting up, users can choose whether to display messages in one message box or multiple boxes.  As a default, this box will not be ticked and messages set to be shown at the same time will be amalgamated into one message box. To separate these messages, users can simply tick the box to show messages individually.

By catering for each customers individual requirements, businesses can have a real positive impact on the service levels they deliver to their customers and help maintain a strong rapport, which can only result in a positive outcome for everyone.

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