New Mobile Module To Quickly & Accurately Transfer Stock Between Totes

Mobile WMS DevicesAlthough the festive season is now over, many businesses across the country will still be experiencing their busiest period, with high volumes of orders still needing to be picked and shipped as quickly as possible. With staff rapidly navigating around a hectic warehouse working hard to meet fulfilment deadlines, it can be easy for mistakes to be made and for things to go wrong. For businesses getting staff to collect multiple orders at once, simple delays in picking can easily add up to bigger problems during the despatch process.

One of the relatively common problems that can occur is that a member of staff can begin a pick, only to find that the trolley or pallet they are using is too small for the items that are required, meaning they subsequently need to transfer the goods over to a different trolley. On other occasions, it may be that a tote has become damaged during the picking process and needs to be replaced with another that is not currently in use. In both of these situations, if the transfer process of moving stock from one tote to another isn’t handled effectively, businesses will quickly find errors being made, traceability details incorrectly transposed and precious time being lost.

TotesAchieve Fast Fulfilment Of Sales Orders With OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices

With OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices, companies are already provided with a scalable Tote Picking solution configured specifically to the needs of the business and their way of working. Structured to eliminate errors and optimise picking speeds through GS1 Barcode compatibility, Tote picking on OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices is ideal for businesses handling large order volumes or simply looking to increase the organisation, accuracy and efficiency of their despatch process.

Now further extending the Tote Picking functionality on our barcode-scanning devices, Version 11.1 of OrderWise sees a brand new Tote Transfer module added to our OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices. With this great new mobile module, which is fully compatible with the use of GS1 Barcodes, users now have the ability to easily and accurately transfer stock between totes while picking.

To manage this process through the Tote Transfer module, staff will simply scan a source tote and select the required pick. If the tote scanned is being used to hold more than one pick, the user will simply select from the pop up the pick on which they are working. The destination tote is then selected and variants scanned, with traceability details entered if required either manually by the user or automatically through scanning the item’s GS1 barcode.

PackingSort Picks Prior To Packing With OrderWise Tote Transfers

Although a simple, efficient method of transferring stock between totes, such is the flexibility of this new mobile Tote Transfer module, businesses are able to use this feature in a number of different ways. If OrderWise users are looking to implement a structured method of sorting stock prior to these goods being packed and shipped, the Tote Transfer module offers a suitable solution.

Businesses can utilise the Tote Transfer functionality to sort items by size based on how they will shipped, for example large items placed into a tote ready to be sent by pallet. Alternatively this feature could even be used to simply group together items for one order into a packing tote.

With this highly useful new feature, businesses using OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices now have an accurate and efficient method of easily moving stock between totes. Whether this functionality is used as a method of switching goods between trollies or as an organised way of sorting picks ready for packing, the OrderWise Tote Transfer module presents users with a fast and reliable solution.

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