Easily Update, Quickly Book In & Accurately Handle Your Subcontracted Purchase Orders

ManufacturingFor any manufacturer, ensuring tight control over works order processes and their associated costs whilst maintaining high levels of production efficiency is absolutely key. However getting this balance just right is something with which a lot of manufacturers can struggle. This is because with many manufacturers choosing to outsource certain work to third parties through subcontracted processes, keeping a precise record of all the costs involved can be problematic to manage.

ThManufacturing350pxis is due to the fact that in many cases, manufacturers do not know the total cost of this subcontracted work until it has been completed. In many instances, this work could be a service such as cleaning, printing materials, changing artwork or simply adding final touches to in-house builds. With the amount of labour involved during this process ultimately affecting the final cost, this leaves manufacturers either prematurely recording inaccurate estimates or needing to manually adjust cost figures after goods are received back from their subcontractors. Either way, often businesses are left unable to effectively manage and record the costs associated with these subcontracted processes.

With OrderWise Manufacturing, businesses are already presented with a comprehensive suite of functionality to effectively manage multi-level bill of materials, customised revisions, accurately record costs and much more. OrderWise Manufacturing also already includes the ability to handle sub-contracted processes, from the raising of purchase orders through to the booking in of stock.

Three New Additions To OrderWise Subcontracted Purchase Order Management

Now in version 12.8 of OrderWise, further functionality has been introduced to provide even greater control over subcontracted processes. This has been facilitated by multiple new features, the first being the ability to add extra lines to subcontracted purchase orders. With this setting activated, businesses are able to go in, update, edit and even add new lines to their subcontracted purchase orders if required. This gives users the flexibility to keep on top of any necessary adjustments they need to make to their sub-contracted purchase orders, easily updating them to reflect any additional goods or services provided and the associated costs incurred.

subcontract 350pxTo accommodate for situations where the costs will be decided after work has been completed, OrderWise Manufacturing users can now also set subcontract costs to be calculated when the price is left at zero. This also enables businesses to effectively manage situations where supplier discounts, special prices or quantity breaks have been negotiated with subcontractors on certain lines and these rates need to be reflected on the purchase order.

The final new enhancement is a new Book In Multiple button that has been added to the subcontracted purchase order area of OrderWise Manufacturing. This enables the booking in process for subcontracted purchase orders to be streamlined by now offering the ability for multiple purchase lines to booked in at once. When this new button is pressed, a new grid is opened where the quantity received can be entered for each line.

Thanks to these three useful new additions, companies processing subcontracted purchase orders can now benefit from an even faster goods in process, greater flexibility and more accurate cost recording.

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