Accurately Contact Customers In Multi-Branch Businesses With New Functionality

SalesFor business who sell to companies located in multiple locations, it can become a strenuous task manually cross-checking the address of each contact in order to correctly direct letters and deliveries. As many companies expand by adding offices or stores in different cities, it is not uncommon for one part of the business, the warehouse for example, to be located miles from another part of the business such as the sales offices.

If these individual contact addresses aren’t accurately recorded, a company’s processes can become delayed as staff take time to track down the right address or worse, send information or orders to the wrong residency. This not only results in staff wasting time on menial tasks but also greater costs being incurred as re-deliveries are attempted. These costly mistakes can then be made worse when delivery to an incorrect address results in a lost letter or delayed order that causes an all-important deal to collapse. Therefore it is important to manage these various addresses and the contacts based there so that businesses are able to quickly communicate and deliver to the correct person at the correct location when needed.

customer address 350pxEasily Manage Your Customer Contact Addresses

Solving this, OrderWise Version 12.2 offers a highly useful new functionality that gives businesses the ability to list addresses against each individual customer contact. This useful addition to the already comprehensive OrderWise software provides companies with a simple and quick solution to managing customer addresses on an individual contact basis, meaning that when staff need to contact or deliver to someone from a department located away from the statement address, the relevant details are easy to obtain.

With this new functionality, selling to multi-branch companies becomes stress-free and by removing the manual input of individual contact addresses, human error is greatly reduced. What’s more, with the existing functionality within OrderWise, users can mass import the customer contact addresses and bring these through to the main customer grid for clear visibility of a client’s location. CRM Building BlockThis means that when you need to send a statement to the relevant person it no longer requires a manually amended address or to be redirected later down the line as the user can simply select the correct contact right from the start.

For businesses using the OrderWise CRM module, the individual contact addresses also ensure users create new opportunities and tasks to the correct person from within the client’s business providing a more accurate level of communication and more positive results in the tasks created. Another benefit of this new functionality lies within the use for marketing as businesses wanting to send material to all of their customers belonging to one branch can easily select these addresses and target them with marketing material.

Thanks to this highly useful addition to the already invaluable OrderWise Software, businesses can continue to improve the effectiveness of their processes and the company’s overall efficiency.

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