Retain Accurate Profitability With Useful New Delivery Cost Update Tool

WhenDespatch it comes to gauging the profitability of a sales order, one crucial factor is the cost of delivery. Often when businesses calculate the margin achieved from each sale, many will take into account the cost of fulfilling the items through their couriers and what profit, if any, was achieved. By including these delivery costs, businesses are able to gain a much more accurate figure when it comes to reporting on the lucrativeness of each sale. However although it is beneficial to consider delivery costs in profitability calculations, it can prove difficult for some businesses without the right tools available.

The reason for this is that due to the availability of costing information, some companies will only know the price of delivery a long time after the goods have actually been despatched. This relies on them having to use estimates, meaning that margin figures displayed in profitability reports aren’t always as precise as possible. The impact of this is that financial information can become skewed and key business decisions are made off of incorrect data. Therefore to counteract this, businesses who will not know their delivery costs until after orders have been fulfilled should ensure they have the ability to retrospectively update their delivery costs.

Delivery screenNew Edit Delivery Cost Button Added To The OrderWise Delivery History Screen

Within OrderWise, businesses are already presented with extensive functionality to record costs associated with each courier delivery method, including the ability to update the delivery costs within the sales order or at the point of despatch after an order has already been raised. However now in version 11.12 of OrderWise, a new enhancement has been added that enables users to update their delivery costs once an order has been despatched and invoiced within the Delivery History tab. Facilitated by a new Edit Cost button, using this area to update the delivery cost will automatically update the delivery costs linked to the invoice containing the delivery.

Sales order costs may be updated depending on what settings are being used, but will always be updated if the select delivery method on despatch of goods setting is activated.

Thanks to this highly useful new functionality, businesses who don’t know their delivery costs until after goods have been despatched now have a fast, accurate and convenient way of updating these costs across the sales order and invoice. From this, companies can then reap the benefits of insightful margin reports that they can trust.

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