Accurate Postal Returns With New Customer Returns Label

ReturnsManaging customer returns can be a complex process and if not properly handled a costly one too.  Unfortunately customer returns are never going to be eliminated, and for companies trading online the distance selling regulations make this an inevitable part of the sales process.  One of the challenges when handling returns from online sales is ensuring they are sent back and processed quickly, efficiently and accurately.   This ensures processing costs are minimised and just as importantly the customer is not left waiting for their resolution, whether that be a  replacement, refund or repair.

When managing customer postal returns, it is important for businesses to ensure customers are provided with the correct address to which the returned goods should be sent. If customers are not given the right address or are left to enter address details themselves, companies run the risk of postal information being entered incorrectly. This can lead to items being lost in the post or sent to the wrong address such as the head office and not the warehouse, with additional costs and delays being incurred as a result. Therefore it is vital for businesses to ensure customers returning goods by post are provided with a clear, accurate and correct returns address label.

Also essential is staff taking receipt of postal returns being able to quickly identify who it is from and the return it relates to so they can inspect and process the return efficiently and accurately.

12411 - Customer Returns LabelEnsure Returned Goods Are Always Accurately Posted Back

One of the major additions to OrderWise so far this year has been the Returns module, providing users with structured handling of returns processes for both customers and suppliers.

Since its release in April this module has been continually enhanced with last month seeing the addition to allow users to manage customer returns collections.

This trend of new enhancements to the OrderWise Returns Module has continued this month with the introduction of a new customer returns layout label. This is a new output option when processing a linked or unlinked customer return and is designed to be used by the customer when posting goods back. The address brought through to the returns label will be the address for the stock location specified against the return header details, this allows users to ensure returns are sent to the correct location for processing.  In addition the label also includes the Returns number and customer account number providing staff receiving the return with information to match it quickly to the return within OrderWise.

As with all OrderWise document outputs, these labels can be emailed directly to the customer for them to print out and apply to their return in addition to other returns documentation, however the benefit of the information on the label means everything needed to process the return is on the label itself.

With the introduction of this new feature the flexibility of the OrderWise Returns module is further extended, allowing OrderWise users to provide their customers with another method of returning goods, as well as enabling online traders to easily have goods posted back to them.

For more information about OrderWise Returns watch our video or download the brochure.

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