Improved Accounts Functionality With Clearly Marked In Dispute Invoices

AccountsIt is common in business for there to be queries or disputes regarding invoices, for example due to incomplete delivery of items or issues relating to money owed. These issues can take time to resolve and having clear visibility of the status of customer invoices is key to being in control of financial affairs and managing relationships with customers effectively.

In terms of customer invoices, it is critical to ensure your credit controller does not chase a disputed invoice whilst dialogue is still taking place and a resolution is being sought as this can cause further friction with customers, lowering service levels as a result. Therefore in order to maintain good relationships with customers and not allow disputes to affect buying loyalty, businesses should ensure they have the ability to manage any disputes amicably.

Greater Control With In Dispute Invoice VisibilityInvoice visibility 350px

The OrderWise Accounts module already offers users more relevant functionality than many popular systems without adding layers of complexity to the accounts process. There’s simple data migration, plenty of custom accounting reports, a full audit trail, the ability to submit VAT returns online, plus functionality to easily and accurately forecast cash flow based on a number of different options.

Now OrderWise Accounts extends existing credit control functionality with a new feature that allows for customer to be clearly marked as in dispute within the Batch Customer Invoice Entry form. From here, invoices can be attributed a dispute reason that users are able to set up for their own purposes within the System module.

Upon resolution the marking of the invoice as in dispute can simply be removed, allowing for the billing process to continue as usual. If an action such as acceptance, posting or payment of a disputed invoice is attempted during the dispute, the user will be alerted, allowing for an appropriate decision to then be carefully made.

Accounts managementImprove Processes And Make Clear Decisions 

The increased visibility provided by this feature will enable staff to clearly see that there is an issue and why a particular invoice has not been posted or paid. With quicker access to which invoices are in dispute, staff can proactively work on resolving issues and bringing in payments. Furthermore, clear visibility and reporting on disputed customer invoices will help businesses highlight any internal quality or procedural issues. This will then help businesses to improve processes or seek alternative suppliers where necessary.


You can read more about the OrderWise Accounts module on our dedicated page HERE.

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