A New Way To Open Customer Opportunities In OrderWise CRM

CRM Customer Relationship ManagerWith effective customer relationship management often providing the key to improving service and increasing sales, businesses have taken to implementing systems to provide an insight into and control of all staff and customer interactions. Efficient, accurate recording in these CRM systems is essential as companies are provided with an invaluable tool from which they can carefully monitor staff and customer performance for key decision making.

The OrderWise CRM Module already provides users with the ability to effectively manage customer relationships across their entire business, enabling staff to easily identify and access the information needed. In addition to this managers and supervisors are able to keep track of overall sales performance through up-to-date statistics, clear data analysis and accurate reports.

Manage Opportunity Progress With OrderWise CRM

One part of effective customer management is ensuring each individual opportunity open with a customer is managed separately. This may be separate and distinct sales enquiries, service enquiries or maintenance enquiries. Without creating a new opportunity to handle each of these then it becomes difficult to pinpoint progress, accurately identify pipelines and analyse performance effectively.Satisfied customer

Within the OrderWise CRM module, the Opportunity List screen is often the area users go to when a customer calls or contacts. From within this screen a user can quickly search for open opportunities for a customer and if there is any, prepare for what the enquiry is regarding.  While in many instances if an open opportunity exists then the customer’s call or email will likely be regarding the same opportunity, it could be an enquiry regarding something entirely different and therefore require a new opportunity to be created. With the customer on hand, the staff member taking the enquiry needs to have the ability to quickly and easily raise a new opportunity against the customer record to avoid key details being missed.

Easily Raise New Opportunities For Existing Customers

With situations such as these in mind, a new feature has been introduced into OrderWise CRM in version 9.7 to allow customers to create a new opportunity from the opportunity list screen. This can be achieved by simply highlighting the relevant customer and clicking the new opportunity button. This will then create a new opportunity for the customer record that has been selected from the grid.

With this new enhancement OrderWise CRM has become more even more streamlined, allowing users to benefit from being able to easily open new opportunities against existing customers without having to navigate away from a commonly used screen within the system.

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