A new feature to Save Chart Appearance and 12 New KPI Dashboards

OrderWise KPI Dashboard ModuleWhatever the size and scope of a business, keeping a finger on the pulse of how key areas are performing, or not as the case may be, is an essential part of ongoing success.  In many of today’s businesses and when living in a world of so called ‘Big Data’ it can seem an almost impossible task to identify, analyse and assimilate meaningful and decision worthy data.

OrderWise provides complete end-to-end business visibility, with tools to filter and format the information on screen along with over 120 standard system reports, a reports wizard and the ability to export directly to excel for a complete data breakdown and easy manipulation.

While this in depth analysis of data is crucial, day to day and hour by hour staff often require an easier to digest snapshot of current performance criteria on the key metrics of the business.  The OrderWise KPI Dashboard module provides a constantly refreshed representation of key performance indicators in a chart format making it easy for interpretation and analysis. Further enhancements to this module in v9.5 of OrderWise has helped to further increase efficiency as well as the range of charts available.

Save and load the appearance of charts

KPI Appearance SaveThe first of these enhancements is a new feature that now allows users to save or load the appearance of a chart. The appearance refers to the majority of settings available in the advanced options such as colour, font, position, axes, etc.  I am sure many have experience of creating charts within Excel and have spent time choosing the best colours and other aesthetics to ensure the chart is easy to view and interpret.  This new feature means that once the perfect appearance has been created, once saved this appearance template can then be loaded and used again anytime when creating new KPI charts, allowing users to create dashboard elements without having to re-key information into appearance fields each time.

12 new KPI Dashboards provide further in-depth analysis

Along with this new feature, KPI dashboards have been further improved with the expansion of the number of charts available. In addition to the 450+ KPI Dashboards available throughout OrderWise, providing valuable insight into Sales, Purchasing, Invoicing, CRM intelligence, Stock, Customers, Suppliers and more, there has been a total of 12 new charts added to the existing catalogue of Despatch dashboards. These new KPI charts enable visual representation of key data across Despatch activities including end of day and week totals based on the number of orders, items and weight handled by a certain picker or packer.

This invaluable module, with the new additions taking the total charts available to over 460, promotes a more proactive approach within the business, prioritising tasks which will help maximise productivity, reduce costs, improve warehouse efficiency and increase customer service.

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