Sage 50 2016 Integration Added

Sage 50 2016thumbAs a registered Sage Developer now for almost 15 years, Sage still remains the most popular developer of accounts software amongst our customer base. With this being the case, here at OrderWise we always ensure we link to each new version of Sage 50 with current links stretching back over many previous versions.

Sage 50 2016 was released in the UK in early September and as registered Sage Developers, the OrderWise Development & Testing Team were provided with the official development tool kit from Sage. The team wasted little time getting started on development and integration to Sage 50 2016 has now been released this month in version 10.10 of OrderWise.


As always, any existing users wishing to upgrade to Sage 50 2016 will firstly need to make sure they upgrade their copy of OrderWise to version 10.10 or higher to allow integration with this version of Sage 50 to be possible. As always we would recommend normal back up procedures are followed for both OrderWise and Sage prior to upgrades being performed. Users can then activate the link by selecting Sage 50 version 2016 within the main system settings.

AccountsBenefit from an All-In-One Solution With OrderWise Accounts

As well as integrating to various versions of Sage Instant, Sage 50, Sage 200, QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, QuickBooks Enterprise, Access Dimensions and TAS Books, OrderWise also offers businesses the flexibility of choosing the fully integrated OrderWise Accounts module to manage all their accounting tasks.

Packing more relevant functionality than many popular systems without adding layers of complexity to the accounts process, OrderWise provides the ideal accounting solution. With simple data migration, plenty of custom accounting reports, a full audit trail and all the added benefits using one single system across the entirety of your business brings, OrderWise Accounts gives businesses the tools they need for accurate and effective accounts management. You can read more about this module on our dedicated page HERE.

Whether using the OrderWise Accounts module or one of these secure Accounts Integrations, OrderWise provides businesses with a powerful end-to-end solution that eliminates the need to re-key information, prevents any associated errors occurring as a result and generates higher efficiency levels from simple one click accounts integration.

For more details on OrderWise including Accounts and Accounts Integration, download the brochure.

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