May 2015 Newsletter Out Now

May 2015 Newsletter ThumbThe OrderWise May Newsletter is now available to read here:

In this month’s newsletter, we highlight the best of the 39 new features, enhancements and reports added in version 10.5 of OrderWise. This includes great new updates across all areas of OrderWise including Sales, Business Intelligence, CRM, Manufacturing, our Mobile WMS Devices and much more. As well as all the fantastic new functionality, we also have a brand new customer case study from PJA Distribution and we take a look at the importance of accurate stock forecasting when it comes to effective stock management in this month’s feature article.

You can read all about this in our latest blogs.

Here are just some of the new developments you can read more about:

  • Quick Add Customer Price Lists – Easily, accurately and efficiently add sales order lines to an existing customer price list when raising a new sales order. Read More >>
  • Proactively Use OrderWise Business Intelligence And See The Results – A new button within the customer list adds a new way for Business Intelligence to be used. Read More >>
  • Improve Stock Gathering Speed With OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices – Increase productivity with our new gather pick timer that encourages staff to work faster. Read More >>
  • Three New Additions To OrderWise CRM – This includes two new dashboards to monitor staff opportunities and the ability to view a customer’s previously sold items. Read More >>
  • Two New Enhancements To OrderWise Manufacturing – Improve manufacturing efficiency with a new feature to select and assign multiple works order picks to staff. Read More >>
  • Newly Enhanced Product Search Matrix Grid – Allows users to simply manage the selling and purchasing of products that come in different size and colour variations. Read More >>
  • Easily Manage Forward Order Pricing & Scheduled Order Amendments – Two new features to provide flexibility in how sales orders raised in advance are handled. Read More >>
  • New Reports & Layouts Additions – Including a new report, updates to the Intrastat reports and a feature that ensures layouts are backed up before being edited. Read More >>
  • Greater Options In Attributing Sales From Multiple Branches – Automated and controlled allocation of sales to the correct branch and sales rep with this new feature. Read More >>
  • Quickly & Easily Switch Between Different Currencies In EPOS –  Two new features to help provide even greater flexibility when trading in multiple currencies in EPOS. Read More >>
  • Help Minimise The Impact Of Despatch Discrepancies – New fields show users which orders are affected by stock discrepancies, allowing staff to react quickly to any issues. Read More >>
  • Fast & Simple Management Of Purchase Orders Being Built Up Over Time – Add hundreds of lines to existing purchase orders at once with this import utility enhancement. Read More >>
  • Order Auto Save Following A Successful Internet Payment – Avoid irreconcilable sales order processing errors thanks to this simple but highly useful new addition. Read More >>
  • Satisfy Back To Back Order Demand From A Single Transaction – This new back to back feature ensures product continuity and specific customer requirements are met. Read More >>
  • More Accuracy With Detailed Item Descriptions – Already visible all throughout OrderWise, variant descriptions can now be viewed within two more key areas. Read More >> 

Plus This Month’s Feature Articles:

  • New Customer Case Study: PJA Distribution – PJA Distribution are an online retailer and distributor of gadget accessories and quality bathroom equipment. In this case study, we take a look at how PJA have been able to use OrderWise to manage their two companies effectively, benefit from streamlined warehouse operations with our Mobile WMS Devices and provide themselves with the capacity for extensive business growth. Read More >>
  • Effective Stock Management Begins With Accurate Forecasting – Although one of the most essential parts of any successful business, many companies will struggle to achieve accurate stock forecasting for key periods within their calendar year. In this month’s feature article, we take a look at how businesses can be smarter when it comes to stock forecasting and benefit from greater accuracy as a result. Read More >>

Staff News:

  • OrderWise Employee Welcomes Baby Boy! – Meet this month’s new arrival. Read More >>
  • Five New Members Of Staff Join The OrderWise Team – Meet the recruits. Read More >>

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