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Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD)

The FMD solutions provider for Pharmaceutical Wholesalers & Distributors

With new regulations and industry changes happening all the time, we understand that managing your pharmaceutical business can be stressful. With the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) now requiring you to verify stock as it enters and leaves your supply chain, you need a solution that helps take the pain out of maintaining your compliance.

OrderWise provides the perfect FMD solutions partner for your wholesale and distribution business. Whether you are looking for an ERP or WMS solution with FMD capabilities, we can provide a software system that meets your requirements and helps maintain compliance at each step.

However, OrderWise isn’t just built to aid compliance. Our software and Mobile WMS Devices will help increase the accuracy and efficiency of all your daily operations, with clear stock visibility and audit trail available whenever you need it. Through this, we can help you strike the right balance between simple management, and accurate control.

FMD barcode 2D scanning

With 30 years’ experience delivering our software solutions to the pharmaceutical industry, we know just how important accurate and traceable processes are for your business. That’s why every solution we provide comes with full end-to-end stock tracking as standard.

Pharmacy FMD

Record traceability and expiry details all in one single scan

As part of FMD compliance, businesses are encouraged to choose a solution that consolidates medicines down to a single scan which captures data all at once within the normal workflow.

OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices are GS1 barcode compatible and Scan4Safety ready, working alongside the main OrderWise system for completely paperless warehouse management. Allowing exceptional productivity and accuracy to be achieved, these devices ensure complete batch/serial number tracking and expiry date control for medicines.

Then through the OrderWise FMD software, you can set verification rates for pharmaceutical products linked to suppliers. As a registered partner with the NMVS SecurMed portal, our software enables the necessary verification checks to be completed and data sent. This includes the ability to perform ad-hoc checks when needed. With complete audit trails including FMD status history also stored within our software, you’ll find OrderWise to be the ideal solutions partner for maintaining your FMD compliance. 

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Read up on the benefits of powerful stock traceability in our dedicated white paper.

Then see how our client, Pilatus Pharma, have been able to use our software to eliminate expired stock and also gain end-to-end traceability within their warehouse operations.

The Power of Stock Control

Pilatus Pharma Case Study

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inventory management software

Stock Control

Set verification rates for products linked to suppliers, achieve complete end-to-end traceability and maintain full stock visibility across one or multiple locations for FMD compliance.
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warehouse management system

Warehouse Management

Achieve FMD compliant stock handling with fast, accurate order fulfilment, regardless of the volumes you receive.
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Mobile WMS Devices

Pick products and retain serial/batch numbers with a single scan using our 2D barcode scanning technology.
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“OrderWise has made maintaining compliance easier and we’re able to trace products and handle any recalls much more effectively than we could previously”

– Oxford Pharmacy Store