Fully Automate Your CSV & Excel Sales Order Imports

For many businesses, processing sales orders arriving as CSV files or Excel Spreadsheets is a regular part of their day. Although it may be that these orders have been downloaded from online channels in this format to then be processed through designated Accounts or...Read more

OrderWise 2016: The Year So Far

As we reach the midway point in the year, it is incredible to think how far OrderWise has come in the space of just six months. Already this year, we as a company have celebrated our 25th Anniversary, been named as the Digital Business of the Year and also started...Read more

Save Time With Your Price Updates With This New Feature

For some businesses sending new prices to customers may be a weekly occurrence, for others it may simply be a one-time annual price update at the start of the new financial year. Although the frequency at which new prices are introduced will vary from company to...Read more