April 2017 Newsletter Out Now

Our April 2017 Newsletter is now available to read. In this month’s edition of the OrderWise Newsletter, we highlight the very best new additions to arrive to our software in version 12.4 of OrderWise. This month sees 44 new features and enhancements added such as new...Read more

Easily Swap Between Databases With Company Switch

With many large trading organisations in operation, it is not uncommon for some businesses to be managing daily processes as part of a bigger group of companies. In many cases although these businesses may be handling different products, using different suppliers and...Read more

Product Creation Added To The OrderWise Manufacturing Wizard

A changeable political and economic landscape can have a great impact on all businesses, however manufacturing companies are often affected more due to exchange rate changes causing the cost of importing and exporting to fluctuate. Such changes and uncertainty in the...Read more

Make Informed Decisions With Further Creditsafe Integration

Every business knows the importance of having access to accurate company credit information to make vital sales decisions. Company details such as adverse CCJs, payment trends, credit ratings, financial accounts and more can all play a highly significant role during...Read more

View Your Contact Manager Notes Within Key OrderWise Grids

Effectively maintaining customer and supplier relationships is a crucial element of business success, however keeping accurate records of communications can be difficult. By not managing tasks in a structured manner and providing staff with easy access to relevant...Read more