Lots Of Beneficial New Features Added To CRM

Since its introduction in February, the OrderWise CRM Module has proved massively popular with customers. This essential module provides users with the tools, structure and control required across the entire business to manage customer relationships, enabling staff to...Read more

View Back Order History When Raising Sales

Many businesses can at any given moment in time have several back orders awaiting delivery for a customer.  This may be a result of stock being imported from overseas with long lead times, orders being built up for a weekly delivery or simply high demand that caught...Read more

Reduce Waste With Minimum Shelf Life Feature

Keeping tight control over products which will eventually expire can be a struggle for a lot of companies, particularly those trading in food, drink or pharmaceuticals on a regular basis. Businesses will often put measures in place that ensure stock levels are closely...Read more

At A Glance Insight Into Customer Spending

Having easy access to figures that reflect customer spending activity and profitability over a set period of time is pretty much a necessity for most businesses. Many companies will use these vital statistics in order to identify inactive customers, customers spending...Read more

Links To QuickBooks 2015 Now Available

Already offering an extensive range of integrations to popular accounts packages, here at OrderWise we always ensure we link to each new version of QuickBooks, with current links stretching back over many previous versions. To coincide with the latest release of...Read more

1 New Report & 13 New KPI Dashboards Added

The OrderWise Reports and Layouts team have been working hard to bring OrderWise Customers new analytical reports to help them easily interpret their business data. This month the team have added a useful new Purchasing report, available as standard with the OrderWise...Read more