Our industry-leading Mobile WMS Devices are a class above

In the time since their inception, the OrderWise Warehouse Management (WMS) Mobile Devices have come a long way. Wi-Fi and 3G enabled, these barcode scanning devices come complete with a whole host of mobile software modules that can send and receive information from...Read more

Choose which Price List to use when raising Sales Orders

In trading environments, the right price is often the difference between losing and closing sales. In many cases companies will forfeit some margin on products for specific customers, whether that be for long or short periods, in order to promote long term buying...Read more

A new feature to Save Chart Appearance and 12 New KPI Dashboards

Whatever the size and scope of a business, keeping a finger on the pulse of how key areas are performing, or not as the case may be, is an essential part of ongoing success.  In many of today’s businesses and when living in a world of so called ‘Big Data’ it can seem...Read more

Easily handle orders for drop shipped items using eCommerce

For many companies selling online has become an integral part of day-to-day business, allowing sales and products offered to be increased without the need to expand the amount of physical stock being held. One popular example of this used regularly by online traders...Read more