New business intelligence charts despatched

The OrderWise KPI Dashboard module is incredibly popular as it provides companies with constantly refreshed business intelligence across their departments and operations.  This visual representation of key company metrics enables staff and managers to monitor...Read more

Customer Part Number Search

Handling multiple part numbers for the same item can be a difficult and complex scenario to effectively manage.  In many cases companies can end up having to manage multiple customer specific part numbers and ensure these correctly match to the right products and...Read more

Quick EPOS customer search & net price additions

Touch screen EPOS is commonly used in fast paced counter sale environments such as retail shop, cash and carry’s and large trade counters.  The intuitive interface provides staff with the ability to process customer transactions quickly, accurately and efficiently...Read more

Record labour against Job Numbers

The use of Job Numbers within many businesses is essential for accurate and effective management, visibility and reporting of all transactions associated to a particular project.  OrderWise has extensive functionality to create and manage Job Numbers, record sales and...Read more

Multi Order Marshalling

Effective order fulfilment requires warehouse and despatch operation to be managed effectively and accurately.  When dealing with individual orders and picking from one location this is a relatively straight forward process, however for many businesses an additional...Read more

Further additions to Shipping Container management

Hot on the heels of the new Shipping Container functionality added in the 2013 v8.9 release we have added some enhancement in the 2013 v8.10 release. Fast update of arrival date When creating or editing a shipping container from within the Shipping Container section...Read more