New Reports Added

The requirements of businesses will vary depending on a wide range of factors and this inevitably means that the information they need to report on will vary too.  Here at OrderWise we are continually adding to the list of standard system reports available to help...Read more

Manufacturing BOM & Revision edit and creation made easy

Manufacturing processes and bills of materials can range from short and simple to long and complex, but regardless there is no getting away from the fact they all need setting up and configuring.  Once this has been done, there may be requirements to create numerous...Read more

Batch Supplier Invoice Entry

When placing supplier orders for stock, purchase orders would be raised, stock booked in against the purchase order and supplier invoices reconciled against the relevant purchase orders.  Functionality within OrderWise provides a range of options to make sure the...Read more

New Forward Demand Forecasting

Ensuring stock is available to meet customer demand is key to maximising sales and retaining loyal customers.  Although you will often hear people say that you can only sell it once, losing out on a sale due to stock shortfalls is always frustrating.  What’s more this...Read more

Eliminate duplicated customer records

When companies have a large customer database it is not uncommon for staff to duplicate customer records.  Although users can quickly check the existence of a company by using the filter row, this step could be omitted, or details entered incorrectly and no match on...Read more

Daily task control added to Contact Manager

Maintaining and managing goods relationships with both suppliers and customers is vitally important for any business.  Ensuring that conversations are recorded, requests are followed up and tasks are assigned and completed helps in winning new business, providing...Read more