Effectively Balance Staff Workload With Total Lines Visibility

In any busy warehouse environment, it is vitally important for warehouse supervisors and managers to ensure workloads between staff remain well-balanced so that high productivity and despatch efficiency is maintained. To achieve this, businesses need strong visibility...Read more

Efficient Order Processing With New Product Search Features

In busy trading environments, it’s important for staff to be able to quickly and accurately process orders so that satisfactory customer service can be delivered. Paramount to this is the ability to understand what the customer wants and being able to effortlessly...Read more

The Importance Of Backing Up Your Reports & Layouts

Many people think that backups are there just for when a server breaks and becomes inoperable, but the truth is that data backups come in handy for recovery from other things such as computer viruses or crashes. However, it seems that a lot of businesses are not doing...Read more

August 2018 Newsletter Out Now!

In the OrderWise August Newsletter, we introduce a host of new functionality from version 18.8 of OrderWise including a new scales integration for the Store EPOS module, a BOM workflow feature to improve quality control in the manufacturing process, and multiple new...Read more