New Courier Integration with CCL

For businesses despatching multiple deliveries via a number of courier services, it can be increasingly difficult to collate details and recount order information such as delivery addresses and consignment numbers to ensure the relevant courier services are supplied...Read more

Manage Payment On Delivery Orders With New Mobile App Feature

For businesses trading on-the-go regularly, there may be a need whereby payment is taken at a different time to when the order was initially raised. The common example where this is the case is upon delivery of goods or once services have been delivered. In these...Read more

Effortlessly Act Upon Alerts Faster With New BI Feature

For businesses operating with staff out on the road, instant access to customer information is vital for convenience and good customer service. Having the data readily available allows for increased visibility whether in a meeting, at a trade show or simply working...Read more

Increased Visibility With New Pack Scan Feature

Businesses of all sizes are continually seeking to improve their warehouse operations, ensuring streamlined processes are maintained and orders are quickly fulfilled to keep customers satisfied. With the goal of improving accuracy and efficiency within the warehouse,...Read more