New Report Provides Quick Mobile Device Login

One of the most popular elements of the OrderWise solution is our Mobile WMS Devices, which are Wi-Fi and 3G enabled PDA barcode scanners that come complete with a comprehensive suite of mobile software. With real-time data able to be wirelessly transferred back to...Read more

Streamline Stock Put Away By Setting Bin Sizes

For many businesses, effective stock control will often start with finding the best place within the warehouse to store goods that have just arrived from suppliers. With some companies storing one product per bin, some storing the same item across multiple bins and...Read more

Faster Despatch Of Small Orders With Batch Picking

Depending on the type of products being sold, the size of the stock location, the volume of orders and the number of lines contained on those orders, each business will have devised a method which is the best way for them to pick stock ready for order fulfilment. Some...Read more

Enhanced Management Of Stock Replenishments With New Additions

Walk into a warehouse and it is likely that fast moving stockĀ is held in multiple locations across multiple bins. Although distributing stock in this way is normally a necessity, businesses can often find that as stock of an item in one bin becomes depleted, staff...Read more

Further Support Added For GS1 Barcodes

Although predominantly used within the pharmaceutical, healthcare and food industries because of the traceability accuracy that they provide, it seems that many more businesses are now beginning to use GS1 Barcodes within their warehouse operations. However by...Read more

OrderWise 2015 – The Year So Far

As we reach the halfway mark in the year, it is incredible to think how far OrderWise has come in the space of six months. Since January, our developers have added well over 290 new modules, features, reports and general enhancements to our state-of-the-art business...Read more