New Feature Enables Flexible Allocation Of Non-Purchase Kits

Carefully managing the allocation of component stock is vitally important for businesses that trade in kitted items. With some kit components also sold as individual items in their own right, it is not uncommon for situations to occur where sales order demand becomes...Read more

Over 30 New KPI Dashboard Elements Added In Version 9.8

The OrderWise KPI Dashboard module is incredibly popular as it provides companies with constantly refreshed business intelligence across their departments and operations. This visual representation of key company metrics enables staff and managers to monitor...Read more

Manage Parcel Labels For Kitted Products

Efficiently and effectively managing the despatch process of kitted products can be a challenge for many businesses, particularly those trading in larger kitted items such as trampolines, bed frames, wardrobes and other bulky items. It is often necessary for these...Read more

Introducing Manufacturing Bin Numbers

In a manufacturing environment, it can often be the case where businesses will assign designated bins to store newly manufactured products. These bins will usually be stored close to work benches, at the end of a production line or in a holding area of the factory...Read more

OrderWise 2014 – The Year So Far

As we reach the halfway mark in the year, it is incredible to think how far OrderWise has come in the space of six months. Since January, our developers have added well over 250 new modules, features, reports and general enhancements to our stock control and order...Read more