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Six Valentine’s Day Marketing Tips

In 2020, 32 million Britons will spend money on their partners this Valentine’s Day. US Valentines spending is set to surpass 27 billion USD. To ensure your eCommerce store seizes this opportunity, take note of these six marketing tips, tricks, and techniques.

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Optimum Credit Collection in 2020

Following up with clients and customers for the credit you are owed is a tedious and time consuming problem. To keep complete hold of your credit in 2020 and ensure your product or service is paid for, we have four top tips to help you on your way.

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Preventing Purchase Abandonment in 2020

Digital shoppers are hard to pin down. 55% of all online shopping carts end up abandoned. It doesn’t have to be this way for your store. With some simple techniques you can re-engage customers who have abandoned their carts, as well as reduce the likelihood of abandonment in the first place.

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New Year, New You – Key eCommerce trends in January

Each season of the year has its own set of ideas and themes that are important to your customers. To make the most of your start to 2020, you need to ensure you identify what those themes are, and determine how best to make use of them in your marketing. 

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The Dos And Don’ts Of Post Black Friday Retention

While Black Friday is most popularly known as a chance for customers to save money, and for retailers to get a focused influx of revenue thanks to discounts, other even more important elements often get overlooked. The first purchases made on Black Friday can be the beginning of a long term customer relationship. If you play it cool and manage it right. To help you best accomplish this, we’ve put together 6 suggestions…

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How To Prepare Your Warehouse In Case Of A Flood Warning

While the UK might be a nation very familiar with rain, flooding goes one step beyond. Many warehouses simply cannot cope with increasingly extreme weather conditions, leading to costly consequences. The next decade is likely to see double the number of flooding related insurance claims by British businesses. Lack of preparation for this can be devastating.

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