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With over £1.5 Million invested into new functionality each year, the OrderWise blog is the first place to find out all the details you need about the most exciting new features and monthly software updates. So why not bookmark the page and check back regularly for the very latest posts and new developments from the team here at OrderWise.

A New Stress-Free Solution For Managing, Monitoring And Processing Payments

Providing customers with a convenient and secure method of making payments is essential for simplifying credit control and accurately sustaining company cash flow. With this in mind, a new Payment Portals module has been introduced to OrderWise this month, facilitating fast, simple order and invoice payment processing, both within the main system and through the OrderWise eCommerce platform.

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Greater Visibility Of Planned Runs With Transport & Routing Enhancements

Gaining structured management over planned delivery runs and clear visibility of the most efficient travel routes is essential for any business despatching orders through their own fleet of vehicles. The OrderWise Transport & Routing Module is already built to provide this to those businesses that require it, with multiple new additions included in the February release to offer even greater clarity over scheduled deliveries and collections.

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Automatically Adjust Your Despatch Process To Meet Courier Requirements

With businesses often using multiple couriers to despatch their orders so they can get the best rates each time, it can be difficult to find one method of picking and packing orders that is suitable for all scenarios. To assist, this month we have added a new feature that enables users to apply the best suited despatch process for each delivery method, offering even greater flexibility when meeting courier requirements.

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Maximise Efficiency With New Amalgamated Purchase Invoices

For any business raising large volumes of purchase orders on a regular basis, individually processing supplier invoices can quickly become a time-consuming process. To combat this, the February release of OrderWise sees the introduction of new functionality which enables multiple purchase order lines to be combined into one amalgamated invoice, streamlining operations and saving time.

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OrderWise FMD Module Sees First New Enhancement

A major change for Pharmaceutical businesses across the UK, this February has seen FMD officially become law. Following on from the recent launch of the OrderWise FMD module, this month sees a further enhancement which enables businesses to fulfil their FMD requirements when booking in shipping containers.

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Meet Customer Demand With Greater Part-Shipping Flexibility

Although some customers may usually be happy to accept part shipped orders, there may be occasions where they specifically require their order to be sent as one shipment. To allow users to accommodate these requests, greater flexibility has been added to OrderWise this month to prevent orders from being part shipped on an ad-hoc basis.

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