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With over £1.5 Million invested into new functionality each year, the OrderWise blog is the first place to find out all the details you need about the most exciting new features and monthly software updates. So why not bookmark the page and check back regularly for the very latest posts and new developments from the team here at OrderWise.

The June Tune-Up – OrderWise’s New Features

OrderWise has recently released its new monthly update, and in June 2020 the order of the season is a fine tune up rather than a massive overhaul. Learn more about the new adjustments being made to systems dealing with grace periods, transfers, invoicing history, and much more.

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Seamless LUCKINSlive Integration with OrderWise

Databases are a cornerstone of modern life. The ability to keep accurate records, that can be searched, arranged, and filtered with the touch of a button has provided revolutionary advancements to sectors ranging from cooking recipes to criminal records, and book collections to building and construction materials.

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Make May Amazing with OrderWise’s new Features

The streets might be quieter, but business is still moving. Keep your systems as up to date and advanced as possible with the OrderWise May release, including new features in accounts, shipping, and courier integration.

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Multi-carrier integration made easy with GFS

You might have seen in our April development that Global Freight Solutions (GFS) is now integrated with the OrderWise software, and this is certainly good news for our customers.Take a look at this week’s Delivery Spotlight where we focus on what they do.

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Make a brighter business with April features

The sound of birds chirping and lawnmowers springing back into action is certainly the calling of sunnier days ahead. We hope our new April enhancements will free up more of your time to spend in the garden, as well as brighten up your business operations during a particularly unusual time.

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Make the most of March with our latest features

It doesn’t matter if your employees are working remotely this week – our developers are still working five days a week to keep your software running at its best! Find out what’s new for March in Despatch, Purchasing, Sales and more in our latest blog post.

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