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Choosing a courier – A seven point checklist

When it comes to moving your merchandise, what makes a good courier? Is it the same for every business? Are better couriers more expensive? Is every feature one more line on the bill, or are there intangibles also? To help you choose the best courier for your business, consider these seven points.

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Make Click-and-Collect click for your business

Click-and-collect is crucial as we reach the other side of the Covid-19 peak. As more businesses open, more methods of maintaining safety will be needed as we move to a sense of normalcy. Read more here about why click-and-collect is ideal for both safety and efficiency, for customers and workers.

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Multi-carrier integration made easy with GFS

You might have seen in our April development that Global Freight Solutions (GFS) is now integrated with the OrderWise software, and this is certainly good news for our customers.Take a look at this week’s Delivery Spotlight where we focus on what they do.

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Four Tips to Prevent Unnecessary Website Returns

Returns are part of the retail process and should be expected by businesses trading on the web. However, data suggests online stores experience substantially higher return rates than their brick-and-mortar counterparts. Find out how to avoid unnecessary website returns in this blog post.

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Managing Your Cash Flow in a Crisis

Having a firm hold of your cash flow management can be the crux of helping your SME ride out this difficult time. In the advent of an unexpected turning point, even the most carefully managed finances can fall into problems. Here are some tips for managing your cash flow in a crisis.

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Five Things you Need to Know About Warehouse Pick Rules

If you work in a warehouse, the word “picking” is likely to be part of your day-to-day vocabulary. But what do you know about “pick rules” and their potential impact on your warehouse operation? Here are five things that every warehouse operative needs to know about this technology.

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