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Several Beneficial New Additions Arrive To OrderWise CRM

OrderWise CRM offers a fully integrated customer management tool for managing all aspects of client interaction. Further extending the functionality of this module, version 18.10 sees a number of new features added to CRM to further enhance the visibility and accessibility of key customer information.

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Gain Visibility of Accurate Customer Credit Information With Automated Recalculations

For any business managing customer accounts, ensuring credit details are kept regularly updated can be a real challenge. OrderWise already offers a suite of functionality to manage customer accounts and their credit terms, and this month, brand new functionality has been added to enable customer credit information to be automatically recalculated through the scheduled service.

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Maintain GDPR Compliance On-The-Go With New Contact Fields On Android

For any business operating with sales reps or other staff recording personal data on-the-go, having the ability to record the lawful basis for processing at the time the data is entered is essential for accurate compliance. Offering further assistance with GDPR compliance, new functionality has been added to the OrderWise Mobile App to allow staff to record this lawful basis for processing against a contact from their mobile or tablet.

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Meet Changing Circumstances With New Amend Shipment Feature

In fast-paced warehouse environments where goods are frequently being despatched, situations can often change which means shipments may need to be altered before being sent out. To help with this, a new feature has been added in version 18.10 that gives businesses the flexibility to move items to different shipments or even cancel/remove items from a shipment after the pick/pack stage of despatch.

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