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How to prepare for Magento 1’s end of life

Magento 1 is reaching its end of life and we know it can be hard to know where to turn next. One thing’s for sure – it’s important to keep your ecommerce safe and secure, so now’s the time to upgrade your digital presence and future-proof your operations. Here’s what you need to know…

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The United Kingdom Global Tariff – Sector Impacts

With the new United Kingdom Global Tariff regime in place, the UK government hopes to make international trade a lot cheaper and easier than it was under the EU Common External Tariff. Learn more here about several of the specific sectors that will be seeing major changes.

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The June Tune-Up – OrderWise’s New Features

OrderWise has recently released its new monthly update, and in June 2020 the order of the season is a fine tune up rather than a massive overhaul. Learn more about the new adjustments being made to systems dealing with grace periods, transfers, invoicing history, and much more.

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The United Kingdom Global Tariff – Five Policy Changes

Following Brexit, trade policy and tariff arrangements will change. Rules and regulations that used to let European countries only have free trade access will now be much more widely applied. To get a clear sense of the general direction things are moving in, read the five points in this article.

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Seamless LUCKINSlive Integration with OrderWise

Databases are a cornerstone of modern life. The ability to keep accurate records, that can be searched, arranged, and filtered with the touch of a button has provided revolutionary advancements to sectors ranging from cooking recipes to criminal records, and book collections to building and construction materials.

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