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Enhanced Task Visibility In OrderWise CRM

Jul 27, 2017

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CRM systems are an increasingly effective mechanism with which businesses can manage all their customer interactions, tasks to be undertaken, and more. This is particularly important as often situations can occur where staff will be speaking to customers regarding multiple different opportunities at once. This can lead to the dilemma of having to correctly arrange multiple meetings and various follow up tasks with customers regarding different orders.

By not having clear visibility of what the opportunity is regarding and the ability to accurately plan out crucial follow up arrangements, businesses can find their sales staff subject to confusion and mistakes. Therefore in order to keep on top of staff productivity and not limit their earning potential, businesses should ensure that their CRM system allows for structured management when working multiple opportunities simultaneously for a single customer.

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OrderWise CRM can already help businesses effectively manage new enquiries, customer account contact, sales opportunities and general interactions with clients. The comprehensive module allows businesses to customise opportunity details, milestones and tasks to suit their requirements, manage staff time through diary and pipeline management, and also provides easy access to an entire history of customer conversations to use for sales advantage.

Now extending this functionality this month, version 12.7 of OrderWise sees two more great new enhancements added to the CRM module.

Manage Your Time Effectively With Improved Outlook Synchronisation

With OrderWise CRM & Microsoft Calendar Integration, businesses that have enabled this licenced feature already have structured management of information, time and tasks through automatic Outlook Calendar and OrderWise Task Diary synchronisation.

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Now the latest release of OrderWise sees further clarity of information provided when exporting a CRM task to Outlook. In addition to Task Name, the Customer Name that the task is linked to is now also exported, ensuring the same level of detail and clarity in both pieces of software is achieved.

Ability To View/Edit Opportunity from Task Diary

The second addition to our CRM Module this month provides further visibility of information to ensure customer relationships are effectively managed.

A new Edit Opportunity button has been added to the Task Diary section which improves functionality where multiple opportunities are open for the same customer. Using the new feature allows a user to view/edit the specific opportunity a task/meeting is related to from within the Task Diary, allowing full clarity to always be easily achieved.

With these two new additions offering improved functionality and enhanced user-friendly features, OrderWise CRM users are provided with even greater opportunity visibility. Importantly this means that OrderWise CRM users can continue to benefit from powerful software that effectively manages customer interactions.

More information on OrderWise CRM can be found HERE, and existing customers can contact our Client Services Team.

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