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Automatically Record Multiple Packaging Material & Promotional Item Costs

Jan 19, 2017

DespatchKeeping an accurate account of the costs of packaging materials or free/promotional items is key to maintaining a realistic record of business costs and to ensure that profitability is maintained.

However, this isn’t always easy to manage. Commonly businesses will utilise a mixture of packaging materials when despatching goods, each with varying costs. One example is businesses that handle fragile items, placing several individually wrapped items into a box to be despatched.

In addition,Packing Costs 350px 300x196 300x196 many businesses will send free/promotional items with goods that make up a customer’s order and although the costs will not passed on to the customer, there are still quantities and costs that need to be recorded. Although these are two separate issues that companies can face, the problems presented are similar. Manually keeping track of the costs of various packaging materials and/or promotional items entails valuable time being used and can lead to errors and inaccurate financial records.Therefore where such multiple packaging materials or free/promotional items are used in particular orders, ensuring that the cost of each different material/item is accurately recorded and attributed will mean that profit margins are more correctly reflected.

Automated Packaging Cost Management

The OrderWise Despatch module already enables structured management and accurate recording of consignments, including their product dimensions. Now new functionality added in Version 12.1 of OrderWise means businesses can stay on top of costings where multiple packaging materials are used.

Packing Fragile Items 350px 300x200 300x200This has been facilitated by the ability for free items to now be added when shipping Sales Orders via the Ship form at the end of the ‘Despatch’ process. Once shipped, businesses can revisit the application of these free items at any time within the Delivery History section of OrderWise. Although clearly of great use to businesses wrapping items before packing them, this same functionality will also help businesses keep track of free/promotional items that are added to deliveries too, providing a clear record of how many free items have been used and to whom they have been despatched.

Building on the existing features of OrderWise Despatch, this new functionality will help businesses accurately track and attribute costs where multiple packaging materials or free promotional items are supplied. By using this feature, OrderWise users can ensure clear visibility of any free items sent out with products sold.

Find out more about the range of functionality in OrderWise Despatch HERE.

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