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Additional Check Functionality In Ship Screen Enhances The Despatch Process

Aug 21, 2017

Despatch 150x150Effective warehouse management is at the heart of many businesses. Orders need to be quickly fulfilled and stock levels need to be accurately maintained so that sales can be capitalised, high service levels achieved and increased revenue generated. Businesses are therefore constantly striving to eliminate errors, enhance the efficiency of warehouse tasks and improve the overall productivity of staff.

Errors in packing and despatching customer orders can be costly, both financially and in terms of customer dissatisfaction. Where a business sells items which are very similar, errors can be more likely and businesses need robust systems in place to ensure that orders are packed correctly first time, every time.

However whilst checks are a necessary part of effective packing and shipping operations, they should not be at the expense of an efficient and streamlined process. Therefore this checking process should not be overly burdensome and time consuming, else companies may find themselves subject to despatch delays.

New Settings To Enable Further Visual Checks At Pack Stage

Packing 350pxOrderWise already provides comprehensive functionality to manage the Despatch process both quickly and accurately. Now the latest release of OrderWise sees new user group settings added which can be used to provide additional check functionality to the ‘Ship’ screen.

With the first of the new settings enabled (‘Show line image and superimpose quantity’), the ‘Ship’ screen will feature an image of the item to be packed overlaid with a bold number indicating the quantity. As each line of an order is selected, a corresponding image and quantity will be clearly displayed allowing for an easy ‘double-check’ that it is indeed the right item being packed.

The second of the new settings (‘Force items to be checked on ship’) means that upon visual confirmation that the right items are being packed, the packer will need to also tick the appropriate checkboxes before the ‘Ship’ button becomes available to them.

These two small but highly useful new enhancements will help businesses ensure that packing and despatch processes are error-free. This in-turn will help minimise returns and any additional costs incurred, boosting profits and having a positive effect on customer satisfaction and loyalty.

More information on OrderWise Despatch can be found HERE.

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