Staff Case Study: Steve Ridgley

Steve joined OrderWise as a Reports Writer back in 2006 after previously working for a major bank creating and maintaining database systems. Steve felt that joining the Reports & Layouts team would allow him to increase his existing knowledge, gain invaluable experience in software development and be the start of a long and successful career.

Steve’s OrderWise Career

When asked to describe his first job role, Steve said, “I really enjoyed my very first role here at OrderWise. An element of the job allowed me to create scripts and I had an opportunity to work with our customers directly, which helped me to understand our customer expectations and requirements.”

As Steve’s skills and experience increased, the opportunities opened up to progress within OrderWise. From initial beginnings as a Reports Writer he moved into the Development Department as a Developer. In a very short space of time he then progressed to being a Lead Developer and eventually he was offered the position of Development Manager.

At the present time Steve’s job revolves around planning out future releases of the software and liaising with other departments to provide additional custom development to our clients. Steve says, “Sometimes this will involve planning a new module or feature that could span many months in its evolution. It’s a great feeling to see initial ideas come to life and to know that our customers will benefit from our ever growing software.”

Life At OrderWise

“When I first started at OrderWise, it was a relatively small company compared to the large organisation I’d left and immediately there was huge difference in the way you’re seen within the business. Everything you do is valued and matters. We are a much larger company these days however that hasn’t changed at all.” When asked to share any memories that stand out Steve said, “I’ve been part of several large implementations of the software and it’s great to see everyone work together to achieve a successful rollout. Also, I did meet my wife working at OrderWise 7 years ago.”

Since joining OrderWise, Steve has witnessed the company slowly but surely becoming a dominant force in the marketplace. Steve says, “As the Development Manager, I will be working with my team to produce new features and modules for the software. We get asked about new requirements and technologies on a daily basis, so I expect the next couple of years to be full of exciting challenges for the company.”

Steve Says:

“The thing that stands out to me having worked for major companies before OrderWise is that people care about what they are doing. I would say to any new recruit that this is a place to build a career and work with exceptional people that have a passion for what they do. Also, you might just get lucky and find your future partner here!”