Staff Case Study: Scott Griffiths

Scott joined OrderWise in February 2011 as a 1st Line Support Technician after previously working for a smaller Software Development company specialising in the healthcare sector. Scott decided to join OrderWise to continue his interest in the software sector and also gain wider business knowledge.

Scott’s OrderWise Career

It didn’t take long for Scott to build his knowledge and gain the neccessary skills to become a 1st Line Support Team Leader and manage a team of 5-6 Support Technicians. Scott says, “Looking back, my time in Support was imperative to me having the knowledge I do now, not only of the software, but to appreciate a customer from the other side of the software.” Being at the forefront of customer care and providing consistently excellent service to OrderWise users, whilst managing his own team, was Scott’s focus for almost 18 months. Scott added, “As much as I enjoyed the technical element of the software, I certainly found myself more enjoying the customer service side to it, hence I set my goal to become a Project Manager.”

Upon becoming a Project Manager Scott faced new challenges and a lot more responsibility, only being 22 years old at the time, which proves that hard work is truly rewarded within the company. Scott commented, “I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Project Management, dealing with different business models and different business sectors. Knowledge and experience behind me really does come in handy in my present job role.” Scott is currently working as a Senior Business Consultant and specialises in New Sales.

Life At OrderWise

Scott says, “Each day is a new day and faces its new challenges, however it is truly a fantastic working environment.” He added, “OrderWise as a company have done a lot for me and really helped me develop my character. Co-workers here are fantastic and we have a great social element inside and outside of work. Without a doubt my career progression through various departments stand out as key milestones.”

From the Support Department via the Projects Department, Scott has now settled in the Sales Department, but what does the future hold for Scott here at OrderWise? Scott says, “It is in my nature to constantly develop myself and further progress through the company. I am always happy to embark on new challenges and take on greater responsibilities.”

Scott Says:

“Working for OrderWise comes with huge advantages and really opens your eyes up to the business world. Whether it be understanding how a clothing company imports their clothes, or a food manufacturing company makes their food. Working here at OrderWise you will be able to understand those processes in great detail.”