Staff Case Study: Megan Crossman

Megan joined OrderWise in May 2015 as an Office Coordinator in the Sales Department after previously working as an Accommodations Manager. Megan always found herself to have an interest in customer services and after building her skills at her former employment, she was ready to take on a new challenging role.

Megan’s OrderWise Career

Back in May 2015, Megan applied for a Project Coordinator role with OrderWise. At her initial interview with Managing Director David Hallam she did get a job offer, however this was for an Office Coordinator position. Megan commented, “I loved that job, I always had a great laugh and the people were amazing. David really is a fantastic director, he really sees people’s skills and understands where they would fit best within the business.” Her very first role with OrderWise was a refreshing change from her previous employment, helping to fully develop her skills, confidence and abilities.

In August 2016, Megan was appointed to a new role – Client Management Supervisor. This newly introduced, challenging role at OrderWise meant that Megan had a huge responsibility to create a brand new department in the company and manage her own team.

Presently, she is managing the team of Account Managers on a daily basis, ensuring work is completed on time according to the department standards and making sure our customers are satisfied with our products and services. Megan elaborated “My role is challenging and, at times, rather stressful but it’s exactly what I wanted. My team work really well together and we are all very positive and happy.”

Life At OrderWise

Megan described OrderWise and the atmosphere in a few sentences by saying, “The OrderWise family is a fantastic family to be in, everyone is lovely and there is always someone to help and talk to and everyone loves to have a laugh. It is such a happy place to work at and I’m so glad I decided to make my career here.” She added, “I’ve already made so many wonderful memories at this place, but a few that stand out are the company nights out, birthday celebrations and having a yoga ball to sit on instead of a chair.”

So having already made so much progress in only one and a half years, where does Megan see her future at OrderWise progressing to next? Megan says, “I couldn’t be happier at the moment as a Client Management Supervisor, looking after my team, ensuring that they are performing to the best of their ability and helping them to progress. Who knows, one day I may aspire to be a manager of some sort.”

Megan Says:

“My advice would be to just go for it, as there are so many different departments within the company. If you aren’t entirely sure what you want your career to be, you will be able to find it here!”