Staff Case Studies: Greg Downey

Greg joined OrderWise in December 2010 as an apprentice in the Support Department following completion of his A Levels and having previously worked at a local golf course. Just like every new OrderWise employee, Greg went through a comprehensive training program, which provided him with detailed knowledge of the OrderWise software along with an understanding of business processes and stock management, ensuring a grasp of real life applications was gained.

Greg’s OrderWise Career

As Greg’s skills increased the opportunities opened up to progress within OrderWise. From initial entry as a Support Technician Greg then moved to the Testing Department. His role entailed thoroughly testing new development on the software, a vital role to ensure the highest quality software is released to clients. In the Testing Department he developed his skills in the more specialist area of Mobile WMS Devices, which earned him the recognition of “go-to guy for the handhelds” within the business. Greg says, “My time in the Support and Testing teams gave me brilliant knowledge about the whole system and the real technical capabilities of what the software could do.”

After 2 years in the Testing Department, Greg moved to an Implementation Specialist job role, which shortly after lead to an Implementation Supervisor position. Now Greg’s work revolves around managing his own team and working closely with Project Managers to ensure our customers are satisfied with our products and services. Greg says, “No two days are the same as there are always clients at different stages in their project needing assistance in their own OrderWise solution.”

Life At OrderWise

Greg says, “There are so many memories in my 5 years here at OrderWise. These include being able to go onsite to South Carolina to launch a warehouse project out there, to being able to travel to Durban in South Africa to see OrderWise working in such a unique environment. The main memory that stands out for me though was winning the Employee of the Year award back in 2014. This was such a huge achievement for me being only 21 years old at the time.”

As to future plans Greg commented, “The implementation team is currently looking to expand in order to keep up with the Projects Department operations, so this will be an exciting time for my team. Personally, I would like to see myself progressing up the hierarchy in the future, whilst still learning everything I can from my colleagues.”

Greg Says:

“On my very first day, David Hallam said that if I work hard and put the effort in, then OrderWise is the place for me. This has always stuck with me throughout my career at OrderWise as it is such a true statement. If you are considering joining OrderWise, follow David’s advice as it has its rewards.”