Staff Case Study: Alex Liggett

Alex joined OrderWise in January 2012 as a 1st Line Support Technician after previously working in the hospitality sector. Alex was in charge of re-ordering stock, which was his first introduction to replenishing stock, something that he now deals with on a daily basis when assisting OrderWise customers.

Alex’s OrderWise Career

Alex says, “Being part of the Support team gave me the platform to learn the system and to begin to understand the other departments in the business. Within my first months I was offered the opportunity to go an onsite visit and help with the implementation process for one of our largest customers. This gave the chance to see how OrderWise works in a real life environment, which opened my eyes to how good it is for our customers.”

Having gained an in-depth knowledge of the OrderWise system it was just under a year before he was asked to join the Projects team as a Project Manager. Alex’s role revolved around assisting clients in getting their data and warehouses ready, and advising on best practices to improve efficiency, accuracy and productivity. Alex adds, “The time in Support truly gave me the understanding of the system, that made it easier to advise both new and existing customers on implementing and using their own solution.”

Alex’s continued growth in knowledge and professionalism was so significant that in a short space of time he became the Projects Department Manager, overlooking one of the biggest departments within the company and managing a team of 20-25 people.

Life At OrderWise

Alex says, “OrderWise is a great company to work for. I remember on my first day, the very first minute of getting here, everyone was so nice and welcoming it felt like I’d been working here for months. One memory that stands out was over a year ago when we had 10-15 people all working together assisting one of our bigger customers on a software implementation.  The team work was wonderful and we celebrated our accomplishment with a few drinks at a local pub. Actually, we regularly have events and all departments get involved, just recently we basically took over a pub all together.”

So with so much already achieved in such a short space of time, what does the future hold for Alex? “The company is doing really well lately and with forecasted projections for the upcoming years, I’m certain that I will be one busy individual, getting my team to work as a unit to the best of their abilities.

Alex Says:

“Here at OrderWise, everyone is willing to help each other even though it may not be to do with their department. If someone can help you, they will do. For anyone considering joining OrderWise, if you are willing to put the work in then everyone will be behind you and help you as much as possible.”